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At Liquipak, we run six different filling lines, giving you plenty of options when it comes to the size of your batch and the volume of your containers.

Our machines are manufactured by Karmelle Ltd, so you can rest assured that we are nothing but the best - cutting edge turnkey filling systems that are custom built to give our customers the best service we possibly can.

Read on for a brief overview of our various filling lines, from manual bench-top machines for small runs, all the way up to fully automated mass production lines.

Upwards of 200,000 bottles filled per-week

Six full automatic filling line in house

Filling available from 50 all the way to 25 litres



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We operate two bench-top filling machines to allow us to provide cost-effective short runs and small volumes, the machines will fill from 50ml all the way up to 1 litre.

The machine’s primary function is pneumatic logic, which is safe for hazardous areas (EX) or wash-down facilities.

These are an essential part of our liquid packaging services for small businesses and start-ups, as well as for delivering sample products, trial runs, etc. The bench-top filler is incredibly precise, keeping waste to an absolute minimum, and can be used with a wide range of filling nozzles


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We currently operate two semi-automatic filling machines, ideal for small to medium size batches of liquids packaged in volumes of between 500ml to 25 litres.

Whether you are a smaller business scaling up, or a large-scale manufacturer trying a shorter run of a new product, these lines give you complete flexibility to change your approach, as well as provide a reliable, medium-sized batch option.


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We operate six fully automatic filling, capping and labelling lines, allowing us to fill a variety of volumes in incredibly large quantities across a wide range of products.


These lines are state of the art - fast, accurate and cost-effective, providing our customers with made-to-order, flexible liquid packaging options on an industrial scale.


This is the core of our services, running around the clock to fill and label thousands of litres of liquids per hour and hundreds of thousands of bottles per week.


Queens Mill Business Centre
West Yorkshire

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